Advanced Aviation Concepts

We pioneer Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) for safe integration, innovate Information-Driven Operations for the NAS, and lead in Advanced Traffic Flow concepts and Trajectory-Based Operations (TBO) to enhance efficiency, predictability, and safety through dynamic airspace management.

Data Analytics & Management

We specialize in Artificial Intelligence/ML/NLP for patterns, Big Data Analytics for cloud insights, and Business Intelligence with AI for tracking. Our expertise includes Data Governance for enhanced quality and troubleshooting, and secure global information exchange through Messaging Systems.


We focus on Zero Trust/Confidential Computing for proactive security and Enterprise Security/Identity Management for seamless authentication. Our Penetration Testing uncovers vulnerabilities, ensuring secure digital assets, and our Information Assurance, Data Integrity protects data and operations in a complex cyber threat landscape.

Gaming, Modeling, & Simulation

We craft immersive education through gamified training and advanced VR/AR. Expertise includes realistic models for system evaluations and future projections, along with Digital Twin solutions using IoT for comprehensive simulation.

Systems Engineering

We analyze requirements, architect systems for enterprise goals, simulate scenarios in secure environments, and manage programs to introduce operational concepts supporting enterprise objectives.

Going Beyond

Forward Thinking

Forecast future trends, risks, problems


Expand and enrich ideas

Critical Questioning

Ensure the real problems are identified, and the right solutions found

Creativity and Innovation

Solve the real problems and improve upon other technical solutions, processes, or organizations at a higher level

Fresh Perspectives

Foster fresh, sound ideas

Career Opportunities

Help shape the future!


Trajectory Based Operations (TBO)

TBO is being adopted to enable aircraft to be managed in a more orchestrated and planned manner.

Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing enhances Zero Trust by addressing the critical concern of data privacy and security while in use, especially in cloud environments.

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